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The Marina

Located on the southern shores of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and on the Durrat Marina main island, the Durrat Marina Yacht Club enjoys unspoiled sea views, a rich maritime environment, and the warm, deep blue waves of the Gulf.  The Durrat Marina Yacht Club is superbly designed to allow discerning yacht owners, area residents and visitors to enjoy an understated luxurious marina lifestyle. The Durrat Marina Yacht Club enjoys calm waters in all seasons, and is well sheltered from stormy conditions.

The Yacht Club and Marina are part of the Durrat Marina project, a 600,000 square meter luxury seafront development.   As one of the Kingdom’s prime examples of marina lifestyle, Durrat Marina brings the atmosphere of the Riveria to the lap to the Arabian Gulf.  Durrat Marina consists of three interconnected islands linked by a network of bridges that are surrounded by serene waters.  Each one of Durrat Marina’s islands has a distinct nature, boasting its own residential, commercial and leisure areas.

The first phase of Durrat Marina includes a gated and exclusive set of sea-facing villas and residential apartment blocks which enjoy both marina bay and sea views.  The Yacht Club is in close proximity to the residential area and represents the heart of Durrat Marina project, anchoring it with close to 200,000 square meters of marina facilities and creating a lively and vibrant marina environment.  Contributing to this atmosphere is a stunning promenade which houses specialty cafes and retail establishments.  The promenade provides visitors with gorgeous views of the marina and the incomparable ambience of life by the sea.

Durrat Marina and the Durrat Marina Yacht Club present an authentic, unique, and respectful destination that focuses on creating fulfilling experiences.