Durrat Marina today announced the formation of its wholly owned subsidiary the Durrat Marina Yacht Club Company. The announcement is eagerly awaited news from one of the Kingdom’s prime real estate developments because the Yacht Club sits at the very heart of the Durrat Marina project, anchoring it with close to 200,000 square meters of marina facilities and creating a lively and vibrant marina environment.

The Durrat Marina Yacht Club Company is tasked with the development, launch, and management of the project’s marina and associated services. The goal of the company is to bring Durrat Marina’s riviera-based vision to life through a state-of-the-art yacht club and marina facilities. Mr. Waleed Saffy, CEO of Durrat Marina, also announced the appointment of Captain James Roy as General Manager of the newly formed Yacht Club Company noting, “We are pleased to welcome Captain James to the team, and look forward to his valuable input in developing and managing the Marina and Yacht Club facilities to the highest of standards.” Captain James is an Certified Captain since 1998, a professional offshore yacht master instructor and a diver. He comes to the company with over 30 years of marine experience from marina planning and development to maritime operations and management of aquatic leisure services. From his side the Captain said, “I am extremely happy to be associated with the Durrat Marina project, and more specifically, the Yacht Club Company. Development of the marina is an exciting milestone, and one which I am certain will bring a new and vibrant dynamic to area.”

The Yacht Club, at completion, will feature a host of five star facilities including a swimming pool, men and women’s gyms, retail shops, cafes, and restaurants. At the marina level there will be a full range of aquatic activities such as sailing, parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, and scuba diving, amongst others. The marina will also provide a complete range of yacht and boat services from maintenance, storage, jetty services, boat chartering, service hangars, dry boat parking and others. Ultimately, the marina will berth approximately 400 boats ranging from 10m to above 40m mega yachts. Near the Yacht Club and Marina is a promenade with a stretch of lively cafes and boutiques, all of which contribute to the vibrant ambience in Durrat Marina.

The Yacht Club design works are underway by a team of consultants from the Spanish architectural firm HCP; simultaneously, the land-side marina facilities are being developed by Tamcon Contracting, whilst jetty and pontoon installations are being handled by UMT (United Marine Trading). Work on the first phase of the marina has already begun and is expected to be operational by the second quarter of 2013. This phase will cater to more than 130 boats and yachts of various sizes reaching up to 26m on wet and dry mooring. A good deal of activity can be seen onsite today as enabling works are underway, pontoon installations are ongoing and the suppliers’ team is set to arrive from France to supervise technical installations.

Captain James noted that in light of the pace of work at the marina, interest in phase 1 has already transpired with boat owners already booking their berths in order to enjoy easy access to the Kingdom’s beautiful southern shores come boating season. Captain James further affirmed the belief that the provision of unrivalled marina services will make Durrat Marina’s Yacht Club a destination for boating enthusiasts in Bahrain and across the region.