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About Us

The Durrat Marina Yacht Club Company is a wholly owned subsidiary the Durrat Marina.  The Yacht Club Company is tasked with the development, launch, and management of the project’s marina and associated services.  We are driven by the goal of bringing Durrat Marina’s riviera-based vision to life through a state-of-the-art yacht club and marina facilities.  We see ourselves creating a nautical hub within the Kingdom of Bahrain, a place that is a true center for a full spectrum of aquatic activities and one that will no doubt contribute to the development of the boating industry in Bahrain.

Though we are at the initial stages of working towards our larger scale goals, we firmly believe in them and in achieving them.  Knowing the features and the grandeur of our planned boating facilities, we believe the Durrat Marina Yacht Club will be able to offer local and international visitors a unique perspective of marina lifestyle in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

To date, our Marina offers members and visiting international boats, modern berthing and marine support facilities.


Durrat Maina Yacht Club aims to become the premier yachting and boating center in the Kingdom of Bahrain


Durrat Marina Yacht Club will work to become the yachting and boating venue of choice by developing and maintaining superior facilities, the highest levels of service quality and professionalism. We will be active members of the sporting society in the Kingdom, encouraging a passion for all sea sports.  Ultimately, we seek to foster an environment of which our members can be proud.